Sunday, 22 June 2014

How to choose the right clinic for Surrogacy in India?

Finding the right place for your surrogacy needs involve-

1.       The cost of the service

2.       Location of the clinic (Covering all Legacy issues)

3.       Good Success Rate

4.       Infrastructure

5.       Specialists in Surrogacy

6.       Advanced medical equipment

7.       Healthy Surrogate mothers

8.       Provision of accommodation and nutritionally balanced food for surrogate mothers

9.       antenatal care by obstetrician and nursing staff

10.   Effective communication

11.   Availability of legal back-up.

12.   Proper documentation

13.   Experience in Surrogacy

14.   Availability of FRRO

15.   DNA Testing facility

16.   Accommodation for the biological parents

17.   Covering all transportation needs

18.   Assistance in new born feeding

19.   Facility for antenatal screening for genetic abnormalities

20.   Availability of NICU / Neo-Natologist

21.   ICMR Registration and Medical Visa

Dr.Anita Mani

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