Wednesday, 20 August 2014

IUGR surrogate baby for USA couple treated and delivered


The NRI couple from USA  after failing  failed all attempts of ART finally came to us for surrogacy .
 We did 8 attempts of ICSI over several months with donor egg, but as the sperms were of poor quality all the seven  attempts gave negative results .and finally in the eight attempt surrogacy was  successfully achieved.
The baby developed growth retardation from 28 weeks onwards and we struggled to keep the baby safe, by various treatments and close surveillance.

We daily gave her heparin injections to increase blood circulation .She was also administered  protein as injections on drip daily along with a high protein diet combined with bed rest in the hospital .
Multivitamins along with IRON , Calcium and vitamin D were given from the starting .

 The heart beat was monitored every 2 hours with foetal movement chart . CTG was done 3 times daily, to check for foetal distress. Once in a week steroid injections were administered to enhance the lung maturity.
When bilateral uterine artery notching was detected, we thought it may not go beyond 32 weeks , but we were determined to carry on .

 As infertility specialists we often struggle to get results , although it is the problem with gametes , and we often repeat the procedure several times bearing the additional expenses , as they pay only for one procedure  and we sacrifice our personal time and life for them. We hope the patients understand this.

Dr. Anita Mani

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