Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Single umbilical artery in surrogate baby, anxious moments for doctorsand parents

                                      Single umbilical artery in surrogate baby 

Dr.Anita Mani

Today we scanned the surrogate mother and found that the baby has only Single umbilical artery, normally the babies have 2 .
The biological parent is already having an abnormal child , with the condition of downs syndrome.

We are planning her Caesarian tomorrow, as per the scan done today , there is very little fluid around baby , and she is having mild contractions at 36 weeks .In these cases , there are probably genetic variations in the parents , the reason for the sub fertility ,hence  there are more abnormalities and miscarriages , after infertility treatment . Genetic mutations are probably the main reason. 

Normally babies have one vein and two arteries in the  cord .In 1% of pregnancies there are only two vessels . In about 75% of those cases, the babies are born entirely normal and healthy and the missing artery isn't missed at all. One artery can support a pregnancy and does not necessarily indicate problems. For the other it is a sign that the baby has other abnormalities. It does increase the risk of the baby having cardiac, skeletal, intestinal or renal problems.  Although , additional testing (scans) can rule out many of these abnormalities prior to birth , we had a baby last year who had small swelling on forehead undetectable on  scan  , and had to have brain surgery recently to remove it. The baby  was the result, after several years of treatment for abnormal sperms .Now the baby is perfectly normal , after surgery . 

I hope tomorrow baby will be ok , waiting for delivery .

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