Tuesday, 9 September 2014

International surrogacy conference in Washington

FAMILIES THRU SURROGACY - EAST COAST CONFERENCE will be held on September 13, 2014 at Holiday Inn, Alexandria Old Town, Washington from 09:00 to 18:00  A mix of Expert Speakers and panelists selected from around the globe will reflect on intended parent information needs. They include Panels of heterosexual & gay parents discussing their journeys in the US, India & Mexico, Medical experts , Egg provider agencies, Surrogacy experts from the US, India, Canada and Mexico , Legal experts on domestic and international options. Dr. S. Mani, the Director of Gift IVF Centre who is a renowned Surrogacy specialist will also make his presence felt in this conference. Few of the topics which will be discussed in the conference are listed below
1. Due Diligence in International Surrogacy
Whether it’s an egg donor agency, lawyer, clinic or surrogacy agency doing due diligence is important. What to look for. Red flags. Surrogacy facilitators & middlemen. What to expect from service providers
2. Surrogacy on the sub-continent
How do clinics differ? Skype calls with surrogates, surrogate housing conditions; donor anonymity; donor medical screening Caesarian delivery. How viable is using Indian expertise in Nepal for same-sex couples?
3. Surrogacy in Thailand and Nepal
What are the laws and risks for IPs and surrogates? What sort of women engage in surrogacy; What motivates them; How are they looked after? How are they viewed by Thai society? Agency professionals and parents discuss the issues
4. Embryos here, Surrogates there
Some US clinics are offering US IVF expertise to create embryos which are shipped overseas for surrogacy. What are the risks? What are the benefits?
5. IVF & Surrogacy in India – current options
6. U.S. Surrogacy Clinic selection
What are they? What to look for; hygiene and safety issues; what else they should provide, differences in agency structures, middle men agents, minimising risks; what to expect; Controlling costs.
7. Surrogacy in Mexico – How is it working?
We hear from US parents engaged in Mexico, from Mexican surrogates and professionals on how the system works.
8. Legal Parentage After Surrogacy
Protections for your child. What legal costs should I budget for? Second parent adoption considerations. Differences in international surrogacy.
9. What Can Go Wrong & How To Cope
Parents through surrogacy discuss the common and less common stresses, hurdles and scenarios which intended parents are likely to deal with along the way
10. Time to tell
How, when and why explaining donor conception and surrogacy to kids is crucial

11. How will my kids feel?
Young adults born via surrogacy discuss their sense of self, and relationships with their surrogates and sperm/egg donor parents

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