Monday, 17 November 2014

A cheerful and exuberant evening with my Australian patient

A cheerful and exuberant evening  with my Australian  patient 

The Australian couple Mr and Mrs Gerard were very tense , as  the big day was approaching. The big day of delivery of the surrogate mother who kindly carried their baby for 9 months . Dr.Mani sensed their tension and he invited the couple to join us on the Sunday evening for the informal gathering at home with our family and friends  .

They had never been to south India before , and hence was quite apprehensive as to what to expect. But even we were taken aback when we noticed how easily they blended with the Indian families. Our friends and families were goodhearted  to chat with them, show them around and explain to them about our local customs and traditions .Our advocate friend and his graceful wife  were kind enough to brief them about local history .

My son and his cousin , were more than  happy to chat  with him, sharing the teenage thrills , sports and games . As he was into lots of sports himself , the boys were delighted to listen to him . It was amazing to watch how the cultural boundaries were vanishing in thin air .Looking at the three equal aged  girls playing cheerfully with the dolls , it was difficult to make out which was the Australian kid as they all looked and sounded the same with the innocent looks on their faces.

The kids were excited and delighted to walk around the farm attached to our house. The time which  we spent time in the farm made us forget  the different age , culture and nationalities . The children were happily  petting the goat kids ,running after the ducks and  hens and were quite thrilled  to touch the cow .

They were simply amazed to see for the first time, herbs like lemon grass and holy basil, spices like pepper , cardamom  cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves. They simply wouldn’t let go the leaves for the full evening, as they were enchanted by the aroma. It was probably a rare  and extraordinary moment for them  to be able to  pluck the  local fruits which they have never seen or tasted before from our garden.

The lady found a good friend in my mother , as she was pious and my mother gave her strength and reassurance with stories of Jesus and the Bible. Every one enjoyed the home cooked delicious food, which we were proud to have cooked ourselves . My son had made  appetizing  marinade of assorted fresh fishes, and we all enjoyed the sumptuous evening meal.

This  gathering has forced me to think about the cultural and geographic boundaries. Love has no culture, boundaries, race or religion. It is pure and beautiful like early morning sunrise falling in lake. It would be wonderful  to live together in harmony and peace, as there is goodness  inside every human being , which ever country or race he belongs to .

We are happy and contented  that we are able to provide service and happiness to  families from far away  and be with them and share their joy .

Dr. Anita Mani
Infertility& Surrogacy Specialist at Gift IVF Centre

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