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Moringa (Drumstick) - key to your infertility woes and answer to a multitude of ailments

It won’t be an exaggeration to call Moringa Tree (Drumstick)  a “ MIRACLE TREE”. All the parts of the tree like, the leaves, bark, fruits, flowers,  sap, seeds, oil and even the root has medicinal or commercial utilities. Since ages, this has been utilized in Ayurveda to prevent and cure more than a hundred diseases and for enhancing general health and boosting immunity. I can go on and on and write pages about this precious tree, which is a powerhouse of goodness. But I will just give a brief account of the medicinal and nutritional properties of this plant

It is near to impossible to find a plant with as much Protein, Vitamin C,A, Pottassium, Calcium content as in Muringa leaves. It also has significant traces of Thiamine, Riboflavin, Niacin and Pyridoxine.

Muringa leaves  is known to stabilize blood pressure and sugar. It also seems to have diuretic and antiseptic properties, is  effective in curing headaches, fevers, infections, arthritis, anemia, parasite infection, ulcers and constipation.

The high protein content in muringa leaves make it an ideal food for vegetarians, as this is one vegetable, which can almost match the protein content in animal meat. Studies prove that the protein in muringa is better and higher than in soya. The amino acids essential for our body is present in these leaves. Even after drying, the leaves retain lot of its nutritional value, this along with the cheap and easy availability makes it ideal as a supplement for the malnourished  people in the third world countries.

In India, especially in the southern states, drumsticks and the leaves are revered as an aphrodisiac and is eaten to increase the sex libido, correct erectile dysfunction and improving the semen quality.  Male and female infertility is now a global challenge and  the tonic made out of flowers and leaves of  muringa is said to be a remedy for this crisis. It is also prescribed to the breastfeeding moms to enhance milk production.

The oil extracted from the seeds and roots also have scores of benefits. The unique property of this oil is that  it doesn’t turn stale even after years, hence is used  in perfumes, cosmetics and as lubricant  in machinery and watches.

Muringa is an easy to grow tree which requires minimum maintenance. In olden days, it was an asset to the South Indian kitchen backyards. The pesticide free fruits, leaves and flowers can augment the nutritional value of your food and keep you far away from illnesses.

   "All that man needs for health and healing has been provided by God in nature, the
                                 Challenge of science is to find it."

Dr. Anita Mani
Infertility& Surrogacy Specialist at Gift IVF Centre


Dr. Anita Mani is a renowned infertility specialist in south India with 15 years experience in ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology). Dr. Anita has successfully set up ART hospitals in Cochin and Bangalore,  along with her spouse  Dr. S Mani, who specialises in surrogacy. She completed MRCOG, from Royal College of Obstetrician and Gynaecologist  London, DFFP from  ART Warwick university and  worked in UK for 5 years. Dr. Anitha believes in scientific and ethical practice and is currently the director of Gift Gyno IVF centre Cochin and  Bangalore.  Apart from advanced laparoscopic surgeries, she is also an expert in various ART techniques including IVF, IUI, ICSI, donor egg / sperm  and surrogacy. Her proficiency is in genetic abnormalities and high risk pregnancies.

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