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Laparoscopy The gold standard in infertility investigation

                                 Laparoscopy - The gold standard in infertility investigation

 The present generation is so busy, no one has time, even to make babies !!!  Infertility rate  is going up on an alarming rate!! Unless, there is a proper scientific approach to this problem, the treatment for infertility gets prolonged unnecessarily.
    Laparoscopy is very helpful in countering infertility. But if  the treatment is delayed  that, by the time a laparoscopy is finally done, the surgeon finds that damage to pelvic structures like fallopian tube blocks have became chronic and in-correctable. Only   the option of IVF is left  in such cases. The success rate is low, when the age of the women is advanced , so much that, they may even have to go for egg donation.
    In western developed countries,  they follow strict protocols and  medicines and injections followed by IUI (intrauterine insemination) is done only for maximum of 3 to 6 cycles . If pregnancy does not occur, diagnostic Hystero- laparoscopy is done to make a proper diagnosis and to correct problems.
    Laparoscopy is a surgical procedure in which a camera is passed through the belly button and the pelvic organs like uterus, tubes and ovaries are seen (magnified ) directly on the screen. This enables the surgeon to make direct diagnosis of  problems of uterus like fibroid and remove it, to find tubal block and correct it, to check ovaries to see if they have PCOS (Polycystic Ovaries) and judge the severity and do drilling procedure. Ovarian drilling helps in opening up of old, unruptured follicles (which have abnormal eggs) helping the ovary to release fresh eggs and normalize the hormone profile.
    The diagnosis of early endometriosis can be made only through laparoscopy and can be corrected by cauterization of lesions. Endometriosis is one of the main cause for infertility and  is found in 40-60% of laparoscopies done in women with infertility. This can go undetected without laparoscopy.

  Laparoscopy is done as a day case,  the patient doesn't have to be admitted and  is able to go home by evening and do all the normal work from next day. It is painless as it is done under GA ( General anaesthesia) .Generally 80% of women conceive within 6 months after laparoscopy , if there are no major problems found. This  makes it highly cost effective, as most of the other prolonged treatments are expensive.
    The main drawback is the lack of proper laparoscopic  training, so the procedure is not widely available. The dexterity, hand eye co –ordinations and fine surgical skills are very important aspects of a laparoscopy surgeon which will affect the outcome.

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