Thursday, 31 October 2013

Story of a PCOS Women


    Being the first child, Bubbly (named changed) was thoroughly pampered by her parents. While her mother showered her love by feeding her every 2 to 3 hours with ghee and rice, her father would return home with loads of sweets every day. She started growing into a cute and chubby baby.
    However, her problems started when she entered the high school. Bubbly had to struggle with obesity (weight 66kilos). Combined with this, peer pressure and taunts from boys put her under a lot of pressure. To counter this, she found solace in chocolates and ice-creams, also her parents wanted their only child to be happy.
    College was proving to be a nightmare, with her face full of acne and facial hair, but then her studies and entrance classes kept her busy. Though she was getting her periods only once in 2 to 3 months, however, she was not bothered. By that time her weight had jumped to 84 kilos. Joining engineering college meant living in a hostel and consuming canteen food, which was mainly rice, with hardly any protein source or fresh fruits. Long study hours took all the time. So she would hardly find time to undertake any physical activity, let alone play or exercise in the three years. Her weight was 96kilos after the completion of her studies.
    As she hailed from a rich family, marriage was surprisingly an easy matter. She got married to a well positioned engineer from Singapore.
    When she wasn’t able to conceive after one year of marriage, the couple consulted Gift Ivf Centre. After evaluation, it was found that she was having PCOS (Poly cystic Ovaries), while her husband had Oligospermia (low sperm count).
    She was surprised to know that she was malnourished, and was convinced after explaining whatever she was eating was excessive calories without proteins and vitamins. She was informed that she was not ready for the heavy exercise as she might get injured in her present condition. A slow and steady progressive plan for 3-6 months was prepared for her. On her husband’s insistence, she was administered medicines and injections for quick result to achieve the pregnancy, which did not work. As she failed to conceive with that, laparoscopy and ovarian drilling was done to get rid of old unhealthy eggs, but her husband had to go back to Singapore urgently leaving her at home.
Despite all the efforts, she failed to conceive. This resulted in mounting tensions between the families to the extent there were talks about filing for a divorce.
Her husband had been detected with low sperm count condition. A counseling session with him resulted in him agreeing to come down from Singapore and undertake a two-month intensive treatment without any unduepressure from the families.
    Although it had put tremendous pressure, she conceived through the very first cycle of injections and IUI (intra uterine insemination) as the laparoscopy worked well for her. She went on to deliver a healthy baby boy.
    The couple has started living together in Singapore, the baby being bought up on a good diet, as per the advice from paediatrician. As for Bubbly, she is maintaining at a stable weight of 80kilos with regular gym visits,a healthy diet that includes a lot of salads. It’s a happy ending to the story of a couple who faced harrowing time when they were not able to have a baby. The right advice from experts, proper diet and advanced treatment can truly change the course of any troubled couple’s life.

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