Saturday, 21 June 2014

Normal baby after repeated Down's syndrome with NACE

Normal Baby after Repeated Downs syndrome

H/o repeated Down's syndrome in PCOS patient .

After a newborn death of Downs baby and another miscarriage of Downs foetus , the couple were desperate to have a normal child . Patient had PCOS , laparoscopic ovarian drilling was done . Subsequent Pregnancy was confirmed normal with genetic test of the baby at 9 weeks by NACE test , which is new technology ,by taking maternal blood to isolate foetal DNA .This helped in avoiding invasive tests like amniocentesis  and also in early detection .


The NACE test is a non-invasive prenatal test. To perform the test, all that’s needed is a small sample of blood just like for any other routine blood test.

The NACE test compares foetal DNA with the mother’s DNA to detect abnormalities .

During pregnancy, a baby’s DNA mixes with its mother’s blood DNA. Now it possible to detect foetal DNA in the mother’s blood and screen genetic data regarding the baby’s chromosomes.

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