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YOGA - remedy for male infertility

Yoga has many ways of improving fertility. There are Physiological, Psychological and Neurological Changes happening in the body, when Asanas are practised regularly.

At GIFT IVF center we promote yoga for male and female infertility and advise yoga to improve sperm parameters, to improve sexual performance by increasing circulation and flexibility, to compact stress and to reduce weight.

The main function of the yoga is an improvement in blood circulation. It helps in the release of hormones from the various glands as they get squeezed during the asanas. The stretching of the nerves helps in improving the neurological functions and also helps in relaxation of the body and the mind. Some of the asanas aid in pooling of blood in reproductive organs and certain other asanas avoid pooling of blood in the veins   (peripherals). Internal organs get massaged, thus improving their functions. Praanayama (breathing exercise) improves oxygenation and reduces carbon dioxide content in the body and also augments the lung capacity.

Ø  Padahasthasana
The Pelvis and the Spine get fully stretched, thus stretching the nerves and improving the neurological function. This helps in attaining and maintaining a good erection in men. Erectile dysfunctioning is often quite embarrassing for male partners and many a times results in marital issues.Yoga can completely cure certain forms of erectile dysfunction.

Ø  Virabadrasana
There is extreme stretching of pelvic nerves, which helps in the neurological function; this posture also helps in reducing the temperature of Scrotum which in turn improves the motility of sperms. The temperature of scrotum increases due to prolonged sitting as in office jobs, especially when laptops are used causing male infertility. Asthenospermia (reduced motility)  is commonly found in white collar job officials.

Ø  Navasana
As the lower part of the body is lifted, except for the pelvic region, there is a pooling of blood in the pelvis. The rich blood circulation nourishes the pelvic organs and helps in improved sperm production and in removing the toxic cellular waste. Oligospermia is a condition where sperm count is low and this yogasana can improve the condition. This asana  can also improve concentration, calm the mind and reduce the stress from the modern day life. 

Ø  Naukasana
Now it is time for some grinding. In this yogic pose, lower abdomen, thighs and pelvic organs are squeezed. Reproductive functions are improved. Stretching of lower abdomen muscles provides an internal massage to the pelvic organs, additional benefits are gained from the pooling of blood in the same area. The spinal nerves get stretched, which helps in calming and improves the neurological function. The blood pooling in varicose veins are reduced, this is helpful in testicular varicocele, a common condition in male subfertility.

Ø   Gomukasana
The pelvis gets tilted and rotated, thus Squeezing the pelvic organs and this internal massage helps the reproductive organs.The circulation is improved, it helps in reducing cholesterol and fat around visceral organs.

Ø  Bujangasana
This cobra pose asana opens up the lungs, increasing the oxygen consumption; the body gets purified, with extra oxygenation. It also helps in relaxation of the mind. There is stretching of the spine, which improves the sympathetic and parasympathetic activities, any tiredness due to long working hours, travelling, pollution or bad postures are rectified with bujangasana.  It is a common complaint that we hear from patients,  that they were too tired to have sexual intercourse.

Ø  Ardhapavanamukthasana
When the thighs are squeezed on to the abdomen and chest, the pancreatic juices are released. This helps in prevention and curing of diabeteand the nerves supply to the pelvic gets maximum stretches. Erectile function is supported by complex neurological function from sensory, sympathetic parasympathetic nerves.

Ø  Vajrasanam
The heel of both the feet should be pressing the buttocks region. This compresses the prostatic gland, which produces the enzymes and the fluid to carry the sperms. Prostatic massage is effective in increasing the volume of the semen and the enzymes- alkaline phosphatase.

Dr. Anita Mani
Infertility& Surrogacy Specialist at Gift IVF Centre


Dr. Anita Mani is a renowned infertility specialist in south India with 15 years experience in ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology). Dr. Anita has successfully set up ART hospitals in Cochin and Bangalore,  along with her spouse  Dr. S Mani, who specialises in surrogacy. She completed MRCOG, from Royal College of Obstetrician and Gynaecologist  London, DFFP from  ART Warwick university and  worked in UK for 5 years. Dr. Anitha believes in scientific and ethical practice and is currently the director of Gift Gyno IVF centre Cochin and  Bangalore.  Apart from advanced laparoscopic surgeries, she is also an expert in various ART techniques including IVF, IUI, ICSI , donor egg / sperm  and surrogacy. Her proficiency is in genetic abnormalities and high risk pregnancies.

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