Thursday, 3 July 2014

Endometrial receptivity assay ERA - success after repeated IVF failuresat GIFT ivf center

Endometrial receptivity assay ERA - success after repeated IVF failures at GIFT ivf center 

   At the age of 37 years , and after failing 4 IVF cycles, she came for donor egg plus surrogacy. She had history of PCOS and he had teratozoospermia.
After a scientific analysis, we felt she needed to have hysterolaparoscopy, which was surprisingly never suggested . Flimsy tubal adhesions were released and ovarian drilling was done. We also performed endometrial receptivity test ( ERA ). This is an analysis of expression of 238 genes, to check if the endometrial lining, allows implantation. The test was positive and she was very much reassured by the fact that she can conceive.
While they were waiting for a ivf with donor egg next cycle , I suggested IUI. To our great surprise , she conceived and had a smooth pregnancy and Caesarian at term. The healthy girl baby is very cute. I am sure that she will be as bubbly as her mother. I am so happy to see them hold their own baby and save lot of expenses.
Psychology plays an important role in fertility, which we ignore most of the time .
Dr Anita mani.

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