Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Breast cancer in IVF/ ICSI patient

Breast cancer in IVF/ ICSI patient 
The 37 year old patient being prepared ivf , casually complained about a breast lump .she was coming for second attempt after failed ICSI  from a different country 
 After examination , we strongly suggested a surgical biopsy , which later confirmed a breast cancer. She had mastectomy last week and is recovering.

Timely intervention saved her life .what if i carried out ivf and it ended up in pregnancy , then we would have a situation of baby and mother at risk .i had to force them to go to a surgeon , as they were reluctant , because of the limited time they had for IVF.

It is very important for any breast lump to be investigated. There is higher  risk in infertile women as they have not done breast feeding . There is also risk related to intake of oestrogen , which should be used judiciously in practise .

Dr anita mani 

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