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Donor egg IVF/ ICSI

Donor egg IVF/ ICSI

By Dr.Anita Mani 

When the women is unable to produce healthy eggs to have a baby, donated egg can be used to achieve pregnancy through donor egg IVF. The below steps are followed during and before the procedure
1.     Counselling:  Is done to make the parents aware of the future  implications of undergoing donor egg IVF.

2.     Medical screening :    Both recipient , donor and their partner needs detailed screening with Medical history, family history , examination, Blood tests, urine tests and Scanning

3.     Legal procedures : Consent forms and legal procedures are meticulously completed. Advocates are involved for proper legal documents.

4.     Synchronization:  Both the recipient and the donor are given medicines ,  to synchronize their periods to similar dates.

5.     Priming  :   Recipient is given medicines , for her uterus to prepare the lining to accept the embryo. She needs to reach clinic only by 12th  day for scan , so travel dates can be arranged accordingly and arrangements made  to stay for around 1 week until Embryo Transfer  is completed .

IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation):       
 Injections are given to the egg donor to stimulate the ovaries .Scan guided egg pick up is done under general anaesthesia .Steps of IVF are followed and donors eggs are fertilised with either the husbands’ sperm or donor sperm depending on request. subsequently, the same steps for IVF protocol are followed and the resulting embryo is transferred  to the recepient .
 At GIFT we have strict donor criteria.

1.     Medically, physically, mentally healthy women less than 28 years.
2.     Minimum qualification of graduation is a must.
3.     Colour matchingof skin and hair is done.
4.     All lab tests, scanning, screening must be completely normal.
5.     All the legal papers must be signed.
6.     Doctors screen them to make sure, that they are good individuals.
7.     We are also very particular that babies should be looked after well, so detailed counseling  is done before selection.

Strict confidentiality is maintained at the hospital. All the staff of GIFT have taken the ‘oath of secrecy’ and is aware that , any breach will result in imprisonment.Only the doctors will know the exact identity of both, and this  will never, ever be revealed to anybody else.
The details of using donor egg or donor sperm  must be known only to partners and not to any family or friends. We will not do the treatment, if other family members are involved
Success is usually 60 to 80% if 3 cycles are  done , if the patient has a healthy uterus .
Cost includes preparation of donor , donor IVF/ ICSI and donors expenses and remuneration.

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