Monday, 11 August 2014

Success rates in infertility treatment

Dr. Anita Mani
Infertility& Surrogacy Specialist at Gift IVF Centre

                    Success rates in infertility treatment


World wide , IUI success  rate is around 7 to 20 % .
Medicines 10 % , medicine plus injections 20% .
it will be higher if 4 to 6 cycles are done . Also the success is higher with donor sperm IUI (20 to 40%after 4 cycles ) .
At GIFT, IUI success is 8% in Bangalore and 13 % in cochin , the quality of sperms are quite bad in Bangalore generally .


International Success in IVF is 30 to 60 % depending on quality of embryos , which in turn is dependant on the quality of gametes . Younger the women, better the result. BMI and ovarian reserve are other important determining factors. There are genetic problems in 50 % of the cases, which mostly doesn’t  get detected leading to low success.
At GIFT, success is high in couple with normal children and in young women less than 30 years , 60% .(  foIVF for secondary infertility can be done for couple with child ) Donor egg IVF success is 60 to 80% in women with healthy uterus.


Success in ICSI is similar to IVF, but will be less if the sperms are very poor in quality .
Even if egg fertilises , it may not implant if its not good embryo. GIFT success in creating embryo is high , ie 80% , but live birth rate after ICSI for abnormal semen is around 30% .


Laparoscopy is very effective in infertility treatment , especially in case of PCOS, and 60 % conceive after the procedure .


Surrogacy has good success even if patient fails to conceive after all the other procedures , especially if donor egg is used . Up to 80 % couple will be able to take home baby after surrogacy with donor eggs. Repeated cycles of IVF  or Frozen Embryo Transfer(FET) may be required , to find success , but more than 3 cycles of  IVF is not recommended . FET can be done any number of times, as it does not involve stimulation or egg pick up,.

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