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Cost of donor egg IVF

Cost of donor egg IVF
By Dr.Anita Mani

Cost includes preparation of donor , donor IVF/ ICSI and donors expenses and renumeration.

Preparation charges of the donor involves following cost 
Psychological analysis                                        
Background check - of donor                     
Blood tests , urine tests
HIV, HBASG,HCV,VDRL,RBS, FBC,LFT,RFT and others as needed                    
Medical checkup                                                   
Past Medical history, surgical history , family history, gynaecological & obstetric history , details of previous pregnancy ,delivery or Caesarian , any complications , birth weight of previous babies, any history of smoking, alchohol ism,drug abuse
Examination  includes BP, wt , ht , Cardiovascular system,Respiratory system,Per abdominal examination, Per vaginal examination and speculum examination  (ECG, CXR if needed)
Trans vaginal scan                                               
Consent by lawyer.                                                
Screening of partner of donor for infections by blood test  
Medicines - contraceptive pills to adjust date , folic acid, multivitamins -                                     
Payment for coming for screening and checkup 
Record keeping ,file                                               
Admin charges                                                       
Doctors fee , nursing charges              

Total cost 
Total cost Depends on donor profile , but it is roughly around 3 lakh INR , for full donor cycle which include 3 cycle ( 1 fresh and 2 Frozen cycle) . FET if required will cost 20,000 for thaw and transfer fee.
Upto dec 2014 

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