Thursday, 14 August 2014

Cancel IUI for Premature rupture of follicle in PCOS

                     Cancel IUI for Premature rupture of follicle in PCOS
Dr.Anita mani

It was confusing that the ULH was positive, but follicles are small in today's scan for this patient. So went through records to see the reason , she was having PCOS , and was on low dose injections to stimulate ovary , what happened is that , she developed 6 follicles each side and premature surge of LH happened because of high level of oestrogen.

The chances of fertilisation are poor , so we cancelled IUI .
Many times , this gets missed if , ULH test is not combined with follicular study and if scans are not repeated during IUI .

To avoid  this, antagonistic injections can be given , which was not given in this particular patient , as i underestimated her PCOS .

Scan report 
Left - 15,14,14,14, 12, 12 
Right - 14, 12, 12,12 ,10,10 
EL - TL+  9mm

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